Have No Fear, The Rockweiler Is Here

For one year, I hosted an extremely popular radio show on the Air America radio station in Metropolitan Detroit.  I enjoyed my time on the air hosting The Neil Rockind Show and the opportunity it offered me to talk to people about the world, things that were taking place in it and my feelings.  I consider the public who listenend and participated friends and part of my family.  Unfortunately, my other family — children, staff and clients who are counting on me —  and I was dragged away from the show.  I miss it and you.  But I can speak with you through this blog and will do so from time to time . . .

We’ll discuss my trials, my experiences, observations and other things here.  I hope that you enjoy it.


One response to “Have No Fear, The Rockweiler Is Here

  1. I heard that you recently received a not guilty verdict for one of your clients in a big cocaine kilo conspiracy case in Oakland County. Is that true? If so, congrats!! I’d love to hear more about it.

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