Politics at the Table on a Saturday Night Out

I should have known better.  Many, many times, I have reminded my clients, friends and even some who are both clients and friends that “pride goeth before the fall.”  While I have known this for years, ever since the movie The Departed, when a nervous priest warns Jack Nicholson (in character) at a lobster restaurant that “pride goeth before the fall”, a sticky note with this phrase on it remains tacked in my mind.  For those who konw me, I have remained proud of our country for electing Barack Obama as our 44th President.  He will not disappoint — if the past few hours are foreshadowing the next few years of an Obama administration, he will surpass all expectations.  Joe Lieberman campaigned against him and Obama has warned that Lieberman should not be punished for this “betrayal”.  I could’ve only been more pleased were my daughter to take a day off tormenting her 2 brothers.  So with great pride, I brought up the election on a night out with friends on Saturday.  Pride went . . . within a few moments, I “fell”.

Cosmopolitan, fun, successful . . . the people I was with were “my kind of people”.  It turns out that only 1 shared my enthusiasm about Obama’s election.  1!!  Within a few minutes, I (goaded on by my friend, Jack Daniels) was defending not just the optimistic calm that surrounds Obama like the dust around the Peanuts character Pigpen, but also the reasons why his election was so important.  Sometimes . . . ok, nearly all of the time, my passion and sharp tongue exceed my calm.  So these were the people responsible for McCain’s 4 votes in Michigan . . . these folks were the ones that were still, so it seems days later, arguing for McCain.  It reminded me in a sense of those Japanese soldiers left on islands following the end of WW II who didn’t quite get the latest information — “the war is over”.  Even Sarah Palin with new duds and media accessibility have moved on.   While we tried to recover and enjoy dinner and the company, most who know me should know that I wear my emotions and heart on my sleeve — I do not move on quickly from a battle or fight.  Saturday was no exception . . .

A long time ago, I learned never to discuss politics on a first date, during a job interview and with a jury in a jury trial — you just never know who stands for what.  No matter how reasonable our positions on politics seem, some folks just won’t see it our way.  In other words, some of my friends must watch Fox News . . . shudder the thought, now that I actually think about it.  I learned something else on Saturday night:  Saturday night out at the table is no place for politics . . . unless of course you think like me.

One response to “Politics at the Table on a Saturday Night Out

  1. Neil Rockind you are an incredible person! I have a feeling I am one of those friends in the above story and while my opinion hasn’t changed my approach has. I love debating with you because when the dust settles i learn so much I had no clue about. I also use Fox News to verify these facts! for some reason they never jive! lol

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