What Do You Do When The Energeizer Bunny Stops Running – My Grandfather

For those who know me, I have been blessed with having 3 grandparents still living for nearly my entire adult life. Earlier this year, one of my grandparents, my paternal grandfather passed away. Wednesday, December 10, 2008, I lost another grandparent, my mother’s father, Norbert Reinstein. He was truly an Energizer Bunny . . . as silly as this may sound, he was one of those people who I couldn’t just imagine wouldn’t survive on this planet. Those people are few and far between . . . and he was 95.

A survivor of the Holocaust. He outlasted nearly all of those who wished him dead and more . . . he came to the United States, found my grandmother, Marianne Reinstein, and made a life here. This despite being in a slave camp, escaping, stowing away on a ship and then realizing that if he joined the army and translated for the Allies, his family and he would be citizens. He was strong, genius and wonderful.

I spend the last 2 weeks with him in the hospital . . . visiting with him, comforting him, expecting him to survive. He had survived so much already. But alas, his brain/mind, that which had gotten him through so much, couldn’t will his body any more. I was with him the day that he died and then with him minutes after he actually did.

I was blessed to have him in my life. I will miss him dearly.


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