R.I.P. Richard . . . My Friend, I’ll Miss You.

To those who have followed my career, this blog or been a part of my life in the last few years, you would know that Richard Steinberg was an important part of my life.  A friend, confidant, advisor, co-counsel, Richard offered me a shoulder, an ear and a hand when I needed them most.  We battled together in many states, in federal court, in state court in cases big and small.  He was a contributor to this blog.   He was brilliant.  A genius.  A bareknuckle brawler in a 3 piece suit.  Like all genius, he was possessed by other demons as well.   I never abandoned him and remained his friend to the end.  Sadly, the end for Richard came much soone than I expected.  While I won’t delve into the reasons, methods or cause of his death, I will say that I hope that he has found the peace that so alluded him in this world.  

Rest in Peace Richard.  This blog will forever devoted to his memory and spirit.  The Motorcity Mouthpiece shall live on in spirit. 

Richard is survived by his son and ex-wife.

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