Go Kilpatrick . . . Go Away

As a criminal defense attorney, clients accused of and/or convicted of criminal offenses often request to leave the state of Michigan.  Some do so for business, others for vacation and still others to make a fresh start for themselves elsewhere.  Typically, judges and prosecutors express concern over whether that person will return if necessary or pay their fines/costs . . . in other words, concerns about the supervisability of a person living in another state.  Recently, Kwame Kilpatrick has requested permission to move to Texas or some other state.  His lawyer’s motion contains the standard-fare language for such a request however it contains nothing about whether the state to which he wants to move “desires” him (that’s a joke . . . but wouldn’t it be interesting if that other state or jurisdiction had a say?).   I imagine that it’ll be granted but to be honest with you . . . I hope that it is.  Kilpatrick has tortured his constituents, the City of Detroit, the region and the State.  The list of offenses, both criminal and moral (in my opinion), is too long to rehash here and any list today undoubtedly would be stale and obsolete by sundown.   I once held out hope for him . . . that (1) he’d be a good representative of our generation of young people, (2) he’d bring energy and vitality to Detroit and (3) he’d rehabilitate himself during his 2nd term.  I was universally disappointed.   I am not alone.  He has become a sideshow and albeit not a very entertaining one at that.

Now we are reading about his “coincidental” trip to Las Vegas, etc. with a confessed “briber”.   And about his father, Bernard Kilpatrick (who bears a striking resemblance to Grady from Sanford & Son, one of my favorite television shows of all time)

Grady from Sanford & Son

Grady from Sanford & Son


Bernard Kilpatrick

and B. Kilpatrick’s denials and responses.  Uggh!  Too much.  Please let it end . . . you needn’t hear anything else than the fact that B. Kilpatrick opened a consulting business to help people get city contracts and do business with the city when his son was elected mayor!  That sounds legit . . . right.   It needs to end. 

Kwame Kilpatrick is not my client.  He has never been my client.  So I say this with the area’s best interest at heart, not Kilpatrick’s . . . Judge Groner, please let him go.  Let him go far away.


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