Some Kind Words

A compliment. A kind word. An attaboy . . . Sometimes even the most confident amongst us are warmed by the compliments bestowed upon us by others. In my short life, I haven’t been accused of being shy or lacking in confidence too often. I got this email yesterday about a cross examination that I conducted:

“It was fantastic. I read it during a weird coincidence. Last week my friend and I were talking about “best practices” for depositions and preliminary hearings. We agreed that the person doing the depo/hearing should have the case law in mind, and frame his questions according to the law, rather than just randomly ask questions.

So then I picked up your transcript, and that’s exactly how you did it!

It sort of depresses me, though. I read a lot of transcripts, and most clients just get screwed by their lawyers at trial. There hasn’t been a time that I read a transcript for you guys where I didn’t think, “Man, if only they had hired Neil at trial!” A lot of the appeals had very triable issues. Once you lose the trial, there’s only so much you can do on appeal.

If more people hired you at the right time, they’d be much better off. Instead, they get screwed over by hacks!”

This email meant a lot and I thought it important to share.


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