In My Memory Only . . .

Last April, I was bragging (proudly) that I had 3 living grandparents in their 90’s.  It was a testament to the “greatest generation.”   In May, 2008, I lost my paternal grandfather.  In December, I lost my maternal grandfather to old age.  On February 26, 2009, I lost my maternal grandmother to “a broken heart”.  For 60+ years she was married.  No one more epitomized the saying that “behind every man was a strong woman” than her.  She was his protector, nurturer, partner and when he was sick and down, his protector.  She was diminutive but when her man was ill and the hospital was mistreating him, no one was more of a patient advocate.  To he and her friends she was Mitzi.  To others, she was Marianne.  To my mom, her mom.  To me . . . my grandma.  She was my last living grandparent . . . she is now in my memory only.  May she rest in peace.

marianne reinstein (1918-2009)


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