A Lease On Life

I never spent much time thinking about or analyzing the phrase a “new lease on life” although I’ve used the phrase countless times.  While I cannot recall the exact moments that I’ve used that phrase, it seems that I’ve done so most often when referring to a divorce, a new job or some other circumstance where I was trying to say or illustrate that someone I knew or heard about got another chance.  Sadly, I never thought about what the phrase really meant until today . . . the day after I learned that my good friend, Loren, lay in a hospital bed with serious injuries, the result of a car striking him as he stood peacably outside of a car wash. 

A New Lease On Life

As I think about Loren, I of course pray for his health and recovery.  If the number of people who love and support someone is any indication of how quickly an injured person can and will recover, Loren would be running sprints by now.   But that’s not how it works . . . like renting or leasing an apartment or home or car, our time on this earth with our loved ones is only temporary.  We are only leasing a place here . . . life is precious and short and not to be taken for granted.  I am guilty of having done the latter. 

I watched my dear friend’s chest move up and down with the pace of the respirator and thought about our time here.  Am I making the most it?  Am I taking advantage of it or taking it for granted?  With God’s help, Loren’s lease is not up . . . this is not his time.  He has much more to offer and to give.  Please pray for him to be able to continue to do so.  Also take a look around and make sure that you’re taking advantage of your time here . . . we’re just leasing our space.


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