Praying For Loren

It seems like he’s been laid up forever. Our friend, Loren Pollack, whose larger-than-life personality and smile always seemed to light up a room. It hasn’t been forever . . . he was just hospitalized on Friday (3.6.09) but the fact that it seems like it has been much longer goes to show how much we miss him and worry about him. Since last Friday when a young 20something driver smashed into him, we’ve been watching over him. Worrying. Crying. Stressing. Cheering. And Praying. He’s getting better . . . We know that. Of course, modern medicine has played a role but I am convinced so too has support. The support for Loren has been overwhelming. There are people lined up to sit with his family and send him/them positive energy. Some I know and some I don’t. But he is improving. When you have a second today . . . please take just one or two of your own and use it to say a prayer to Loren.


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