Coco and Me

Once in a while, I need something to remind me to focus on the most important things in life . . . the simple things, the parts of this journey that are most worth experiencing.  I am too lost and absorbed in my role as a lawyer, defender and provider.  Often my children give me that figurative “slap in the face”, the “thanks I needed that” shake back to reality.   Often its my wife . . . or dear friends.  Most recently, it was Coco, my dog.

We are an odd pair.  One of us is 6’1″ and 200 pounds.  The other is 5 pounds and stands no more than a few inches off the ground.  Coco is his name.  He is a Yorkie and he is my running partner.  Me lumbering along listening to music, huffing and puffing.  He racing ahead, trying to put some distance between us so that he can take time to smell the surroundings.  I smile just thinking about how excited he is at the prospect of running.  When I put on my jogging shoes, he is a starburst of excitement . . .

In those moments, I am reminded of how simple life can be and how it is most enjoyable in its simplest, purest moments.  Only our self-imposed burdens and the baggage that we shackles ourselves to holds us back from enjoying it more.  I am guilty of this as well.  I have those around me to remind me to enjoy.  Those moments with Coco and me do just that.

Neil Rockind is widely regarded as one of the most skilled courtroom lawyers in the country.  Neil Rockind passionately defends clients.  He is known for his brio — aggressive, no holds barred style of courtroom lawyering.  Neil Rockind is a former radio talk show host and frequent guest commentator on legal and political issues of the day.


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