I never much liked bankers.  I guess I lumped them into a group assuming that they were all alike, believing that they subscribed to a mentality and philosophy that placed profits over people.  And while I try not to think people in such general terms or use such broad strokes, I am only human . . . I too fall victim to my anger and resentment.  At this moment, I am angry with these bankers, these faceless, hypocritical people.  In my mind’s eye, they all look like the monopoly guy, clutching a fistful of dollars.  Masters of the belief that money drives everything.  When I saw them humbled recently, whether it be the banks near bankruptcy, the loss of jobs, the loss of prestige, the need to resort to government bailouts/loans, e.g., TARP money, I thought maybe they’d reform.  I was fooling myself.

These same men that were accomplices and co-conspirators in driving our economy downward via mortage backed securities, etc., who stood like ordinary citizens in the great depression era with hands our seeking break, asking for TARP money to make up for their mistakes and bad judgment now are holding my community, Oakland County and Metro Detroit, and my state, Michigan, hostage.  These bankers are thumbing their noses at the government officials who saved their butts and at the deal that the government proffered for them in the Chrysler Corp.  Talk about ungrateful . . . they wanted us to save their ass but now they have to think about their bottom lines when considering whether to assist the government in saving Chrysler from bankruptcy?!    Bankers.  I should have known that this is how they’d react.

Everything that I’ve been reading these days is affirming my views of bankers.  Elitists.    Profits over people.  They wanted the government to care about their people (the bankers).   Now they don’t want to assist in taking care of our people (here in Michigan and elsewhere).  I imagine they’re having a pretty good laugh in the clubhouse over this one.

Neil Rockind is widely regarded as one of the most skilled and talented courtroom lawyers in the country.  Neil Rockind has an office in Southfield, Michigan.  Neil Rockind is a former radio talk show host who is also frequently called on to comment on the issues of the day.


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