Doctor’s Note – Enough To Grow Pot!

In a remarkable decision, the Hon. Robert Turner of the 43rd District Court, the district court the city of Madison Heights, dismissed the manufacturing charges that the State of Michigan brought against a couple of were growing marihuana.  The couple defended the case by citing Michigan’s Medical Marihuana Act.  This was a law passed by the People of the State of Michigan yet their representatives were arguing that the law didn’t protect this couple.  People 1 | People’s Representative 0.   Judge Turner heard testimony from a physician who prescribed marihuana for the couple.   After hearing it, he dismissed the charges!  He cited Michigan’s Medical Marihuana Act as the basis and concluded that the couple’s “doctor’s note” was sufficient to afford them protection under the statute.  

Judge Dismisses Charges

Judge Turner acted courageously and intelligently.  I applaud him and his decision.  The People of the State spoke when the law as passed.  Today, Judge Turner held that a law that was passed by the People would protect 2 of its own, i.e., the couple.  Isn’t this supposed to be how it works??


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