The Missing Blogger – Noise

I’m a little rusty, not having shared with my thoughts and observations of late.  I haven’t posted anything in some time.  Not that I haven’t had things to share, been busy or that I didn’t have thoughts about the goings on in the world that I wanted to get off my chest.  I think just the opposite . . . there’s been so much going on.  From the scandals in Detroit politics to the national economy to the apparent or seemingly apparent increased frequency of airplane crashes, ad nauseam, ad infinitum . . . we live in a busy, hectic world.  There are many events.  Many people talking about those events.  Millions of voices.  Tweets, Facebook updates, wall posts, TV, Radio, Satellite Radio, Email, blogs, etc . . . I’ve been around.  While I hadn’t blogged or posted in awhile, I was listening and I have to tell you . . . we, all of us, do make a lot of noise. 

The Noise is not what our forefathers would refer to as noise.  To them, noise was something that you/they could hear.  My mother and Bubbie (of blessed memory we Jews say) would agree…”stop making so much noise”. they’d yell or “turn that thing down, I can’t hear myself think”, they’d complain.  Not today.  Noise today is different…now we have created a world in which the silence that our mothers craved is now still “noisy”.  Our minds are polluted and inundated with “tweets”, “updates”, “blogs”, “opinions”, “lyrics” . . . even when silent, its difficult to hear ourselves think.  It seems like when you try to take a break for a period of time and truly tune out that when you return, the world is a mile ahead — like a runner or cyclist who fell down and is now desperately trying to catch the pack.  Even when you catch up, you’re still peddling like mad.  There is no break!

My “break” was filled with preparing for and then being in an extremely complex jury trial.  It took all of my thoughts, wits, intellect, understanding.  I had to learn a new science…I did so without the assistance of an expert witness or consultant.  I will share more about the trial in a few days.  However, I must confess, I did enjoy the lack of noise.


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