Effortless Parenthood – Random Thoughts

I have written about my daughter in these pages on a regular basis and on occasion about her friends.  Her “BFF” is someone quite special and we had a chance to join her parents for dinner the other night.  Drinking a cup of coffee (and my morning immunity booster — a must for a Michigan resident with a house of 3 children), I am reflecting upon the evening and the conversation.  They are wonderful parents . . . the type who seem to do “it all” so effortlessly.  Like my wife . . . she and they seem to be able to make it all work without a hitch and while, as Navy pilots would say, “maintaining an even strain.”  “It all” is the seemingly endless schedule that our lives and the lives of our children entail”:  sports, practice for sports, religious studies, dance, playdates, school projects, homework, etc, ad infinitum.  Like my wife, this couple seems to do it so effortlessly.

To this day, I marvel at the parents who seem to do it all with ease.  Illusion or not — I am impressed.


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