“The Roots That Shaped My Life” – Norbert Reinstein

While I originally planned on devloting much of this blog to the “law”, along the way it became something more . . . something different.  The blog, this conversation, became an opportunity to share things about me, my family, thoughts, emotions and other stories, both in and outside of the courtroom that shape my life.   These are the roots that shape my law practice. 

I will soon be publishing the “roots that shaped by life”, an autobiography of sorts written by my grandfather, may he rest in peace.  He was an amazing man!  More than I understood in his lifetime . . . Here is an excerpt:

As I got older, I realized increasingly that my parents sacrificed their lives so my brother and I would live . . . My parents would be proud of me.  I always did the best that I was capable of doing.  They left me a legacy to guide my action.

Again, I sit in our television room and look at the last photographs of my late parents.  As I gave at my father, I realize that I look quite a bit like him. . . Thinking back, I believe that I inherited some of her personal characteristics.

I am reading this with tears . . . I hope soon that you will read “The Roots That Shaped My Life”, an excerpt from grandfather Norbert Reinstein’s memoir and autobriography.    It is hard to beleive that I am only one generation from the Holocaust — an event that shaped my life, my parents’  and my grandparent’s.   I am sorry that I have not shared it sooner.  Stay tuned and B’H”.


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