Norbert Reinstein – My Grandfather

“N.R.” — a gold ring with his initials was always on his finger.  Within minutes of his passing, my mother removed his ring and gave it me.  “He wanted you to have it . . . “.  I bore his initials (N.R.).  He is my maternal grandfather.  A hero whose survival and persistence still seems miraculous.  I will soon publish his own words about his “roots”.   His story deserves to be told again and again.  Recently, I told it to my children.  They were fascinated that their “old grandpa”, the name that they/we gave him, had survived Dachau, the Nazi’s and the Holocaust.  As we walked through the Holocaust Memorial and the Jewish Museum in Florida (my kids wanted to go — really, it was their idea), they peppered me with questions about “old grandpa”.   They even re-created a playground battle in which the Jews survive and the Nazi’s perish.   Hearing my children, his legacy, repeat his heroics and name has reignited my pride in his accomplishments, his story — history and my my roots.

I recently came across this honor that he received as an octogenarian.  Please visit the link and read about Norbert Reinstein — my namesake.

Honored Over Eighty

Stay tuned for his story — I am proud to be retelling it.  B’H”.

2 responses to “Norbert Reinstein – My Grandfather

  1. John Erickson


    With all of the worthless stuff on the web, it is a pleasure to find this. Continue to be proud!

    Email from Attorney John Erickson

  2. Thank you for the kind words.

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