Hillers – Putting Money where Its Mouth Is

This is an impressive program in which a store is contributing to the Holocaust Memorial Center. Actually we contribute — purchase from the store under certain conditions and they contribute a percentage to the Holocaust Memorial Center.   As a child, I remember Hillers Market.  Thank G-d (B’H”) they remember and haven’t gotten us.  Check it out:

Hiller’s Market Scrip Program
To participate, get your Hiller’s Scrip card from the Holocaust Memorial Center. Then, go to your favorite Hiller’s store and load the card with any dollar amount over $5.  Use the card in the same way that you use a credit or debit card.  You can even use a credit card to load money onto your Hiller’s card, enabling you to still earn miles, rebates, and other incentives, via your credit card.

There is no charge for this service, and no minimum purchase. Each time you use your Hiller’s Scrip card, the Holocaust Memorial Center receives the donation.  It’s truly a win-win situation!

Cards can be picked up at the Holocaust Center, or can be mailed directly to you.  You can even load one up with the dollar amount of your choice, and give it as a gift!  The card acts the same as cash, and the Holocaust Center reaps the benefits.

This is an ongoing way to support our Center, by shopping at a fine Michigan owned company with a commitment to our community, and our State.

For more information, please call David Moss at 248-553-2400, ext. 23, or e-maildavid.moss@holocaustcenter.org


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