Lessons from Math Homework

Biting my lip, wiping the sweat from brow and temples . . . you’d think I was describing the feeling of waiting for a jury verdict.  I’m not.   I was staring at my daughter’s math homework.  Fraction multiplication, addition, subtraction and division . . . I’m sweating just thinking about it now … she turned to me to ask for my help and I stared at the page hoping that I’d somehow remember how to complete the problems.   It got me thinking.  Soon she won’t turn to me for answers or I won’t necessarily have them.  At least not as readily and handily as I’d like.    Those days are around the corner  . . . I hope not rounding the corner as fast as they seem but, sure enough they’re coming.

I learned something from her math homework . . . about life, her, me, time (and a little bit about fractions too).


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