Antisemitism — I’ll Confront It

I”m reminded of a story about a fraternity brother of mine.  I’ve repeated it many times — “a fraternity brother of mine, challenged by our rival fraternity, walks across the street to the front of the rival fraternity house and promises to return every hour on the hour until they “send out [their] best man”.

For years, I have fought antisemitism — prejudice against Jews.  I have felt it and fought it my entire life. Incredible prejudices — “control of the media”, “control of the Banking Institution”,  “The Trilateral Commission”,  “the Jewish Blood Libel”, etc. ad nauseam.   Anti-semitism has taken many forms.  Some extraordinary.  Some ridiculous.  All dangerous.  For everyone who reveals their prejudice, there are likely 100 more hiding deeply felt hatred and animosity towards us Jews.  They are just afraid to be overt about it .

I read a story about a reported act of anti-semitism that occurred nearby recently.   Out in the open.  At a meeting in Pontiac…right up the street.  I don’t and won’t tolerate any anti-semitism, not even for a second.  I’ve confronted bigotry and antisemitism.   I won’t hesitate to do it again… Rare is the chance to confront antisemitism face to face.  I wish I had been at that meeting.  I doubt I would’ve been able to contain myself . . .


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