An Interesting Veg- Website

 More and more people ask me about my “diet”.  Where do you get protein from?  How do you maintain?  Aren’t you hungry?  Why not eat free range/organic meats?  I get these questions and more . . . I also get some skewed and twisted faces when I tell them how I eat — a vegetable based diet.  No animal byproducts.  No meat.  No chicken.  No turkey.  No cheese.  Low sodium products are critical to my lifestyle — I read the packages and inquire, sometimes annoyingly about whether foods have oils, added salt, chemicals that “enhance or preserve” taste, etc.  I have not always lived this way but it is a lifestyle choice.   Each person has his/her own reasons for doing things.  In my family, we each have our own reasons . . . Take a look at this website for a second.

Maybe you’ll find your own reasons . . . its worth a look and try.

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