Holocaust Survivors Still Suffering

I am still struggling with this article and its contents.  I read it and think of my grandparents . . . courageous, dignified.  They survived.  I have often thought about my grandmother’s eyes — beautiful, blue.  But there was more that I noticed.   Her eyes revealed a weariness.  They were tired, alert and fearful.   I miss her love and reassurance.

My grandmother, of blessed memory, raised a family, children, grandchildren and great-grandchildren.  She travelled.   I always wondered but could never ask what was in her her mind . . . what images did she see behind those blue eyes.  She would never have shared those images  or that pain with us willingly . . .  It is a sad reminder that my grandmother was suffering and in pain at all times.  Others are still suffering . . . take a second to read this article . . .

Mentally ill Holocaust survivors’ suffering lingers on 65 years later | Washington Examiner.

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