Oklahoma Enacts ‘Unconscionable’ New Abortion Law

I’ve just read an article about a new law that was actually enacted by the State of Oklahoma.  It severely invades a woman’s right to make a choose to seek an abortion.  Worse yet, the law invades a woman’s right to privacy and seeks, in my opinion, to goad and embarrass her into continuing with an unwanted pregnancy.  Strong words?  You bet!  I have supported a woman’s right to choose her own destiny and to make her own decisions about her own body and what to do with it.   When I discussed issues such as these on my radio show, the Neil Rockind Show, or debate these topics with my friends over dinner, etc., my passion in support of a woman’s right to choose has always been unforgettable and obvious.  This issue is and has always been one of insight, worldliness, tolerance and freedom — it speaks to the very core of our nation’s existence.  When elections come about friends encourage me to think about taxes, etc.   These views are understandable . . . we spend too much.  No doubt.  We have a high deficit.  No doubt.  We are paying too much interest.  No doubt.  We are taxed too much.  I agree.  But, I fear other things and elements sometimes more — the decision of the representatives in the state of Oklahoma is just the sort of thing that scares me.  Oklahoma just passed and enacted a new abortion law.  I am sickened by it:

(1) The law requires doctors to show women an ultrasound of their fetus and point out its physical characteristics — even if the patient was impregnated through rape or incest.

(2) The doctor must describe the heart, limbs and organs of the fetus.

(3) Doctors cannot be sued if they decide not to tell an expectant mother that her baby has birth defects (because the proponents of the bill wanted doctors to be free to follow their religious beliefs).

I hate to think what these people will think of next but I fear that we’ll find out in the near future.

Oklahoma’s ‘unconscionable’ new abortion laws – The Week.


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