Unsafe “OTC” Medicine

Doctor recommended!? For years we are told that some over the counter medicines for our kids were “doctor recommended” or contained the seals and marks of certain “doctor associations”. These marks and recommendations made us believe that we were helping our kids when we give them medicine. I want to ease my children’s pain when they’re sick and for years I, like other parents, gave them ibuprofen and acetamenophin. We did so on the advice, silence or approval of our doctors, pediatricians, Food and Drug Administration, government, etc. We reasonably rely on the fact that someone will look out for us and our kids. My doctor said it was ok! The government wouldn’t approve it for use if it were dangerous! Who do we have to thank for medicine that we’ve been giving our children for years that was recently recalled due to safety concerns?

When doctors and the government tell us things are safe and than years later tell us that they’re not and might never have been, we have a right to be scared and suspicious. As many of you know, I’m a vegan. I don’t eat foods that contain animal byproducts. I try to avoid foods that are high in sodium. I try to avoid genetically modified foods. The fact that its sold to us doesn’t make it safe. Please read the recall and remove the recalled medicines from your medicine cabinets.

G-d bless and BH.


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