Girls Best Friend Charm Bracelets Recalled!

This sort of stuff really pisses me off.  At some point, we have turned to corporations, both foreign and domestic, to produce safe products for our children. When did this happen?  When did it become unsafe to purchase a toy, charm or others from a store?  When did going to a store for a “charm bracelet” for my daughter become a game of Russian Roulette?  How would a parent know that what he/she is purchasing for her daughter or kids is unsafe?  The bracelets weren’t being sold in some swap or seedy street market . . . they were being sold at major stores, the mall and according to some news stories, at stores like Claire’s.

Ironically, just the other day my daughter asked me to get one for her and a friend. I didn’t purchase one though.  Not because I knew the products potential for danger or had advance warning of the recall but because we didn’t have time — we were in a hurry.  I was lucky this time . . . but luck can only account for so much. I guess we’ll have to walk around the mall or other places with chemical reagent test kits and surgical gloves to ensure their safety.  I guess . . .


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