Limit Salt in Foods!

Those who know me well know that I am a “healthy” eater.  Vegan, vegetable based, no oil, no milk, no dairy, organic (whenever available and possible), no sugar, whole grain, sprouted grain, raw and natural . . . going to a restaurant with me or being around me while ordering food is, well . . . challenging.  In particular, I ask alot of questions.  Not just about whether food contains animal by-products but also whether it contains any added salt.  I pay attention to the sodium or salt contents of my food.  So, on one hand, I was pleased to see that there was movement towards limiting the salt added to foods, etc.  Of all the needless government intervention and oversight and regulation, the bean counters paying attention to things that make the government bigger that maybe just maybe they were going to start counting something that made us “bigger” and that without it, we’d be more fit and in better shape — less salt/sodium.  Of course, there must be those who favor added salt to foods and don’t want to limit the amount of salt that is added to our foods — they’d rather have foods that are so loaded with sodium, salt and MSG, that our nation is experiencing increased rates of renal failure, heart disease, high blood pressure and obesity.  Not me . . . limit the salt in foods.    Why the News has an article or piece suggesting the opposite, i.e., that we “table” the push to limit salt in the foods that we serve to our families and put into our bodies is beyond me?

There are two things in nature that are rare:  sugar and salt.  Our bodies crave them because they are so rare in the wild/nature.  We are meant to live a long time without those elements in our diet but now, sugar, sweeteners and salt/sodium are the dominant features and ingredients in the foods sold in grocery stores.

We ought to limit salt in foods.  We ought to limit the amount of salt in our food on our tables not table the push to limit the salt in our foods.

Table the push to limit salt in foods | | The Detroit News.


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