The Walkout

I have had mixed emotions about today. My daughter finished elementary school. I stood in her room as the teacher received gifts and accolades from parents and kids alike. The parents and relatives were supposed to wait outside for the students to walk out and give them a standing, clapping ovation. The clapping, a bit muted because each parent and relative held a camera, phone or similar recording device. Still, the significance was lost on me. Us. These kids were not returning to this school. K-5 was over. Only 7 more until K-12 is done. Put another way, it seems like half of their schooling is done. These kids weren’t racing to get out though. They were lingering…meandering…taking pictures… and in the corner, my daughter who I never see cry was crying. Her best friend ran over and hugged her. Her other close friends, great girls, came over too…each maybe realizing that in one way, this was it. A big chapter finished. Today’s big kids on campus are tomorrow’s young “newbies”.

I ran over and asked my daughter why she was crying? She said, “I can”t look at mom.”. I turn and see my wife bawling. Tears and emotions are contagious…like yawning, in a way. I will never forget my two girls, my wife and daughter, crying together over this milestone.

This was big moment. A big part of the ride. Will she remain sweet? Will she remain confident? Can she resist peer pressure? I pray that the answers are all “yes”.

G-d bless. G-dspeed. Baruch Hashem.

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