Medical Marihuana Busts in Oakland County

That’s it . . . I’ve had about all I can stand of the narcotics enforcement teams raids upon and prosecutions of people who are attempting to follow the law in Michigan.  Michigan voters overwhelmingly voted in favor of a bill to legalize and decriminalize medical marihuana.  The same old tired tactics are being used by the same old narcotics enforcement teams and narcotics prosecutors special units.  Don’t stand up and say that you represent the People of the State of Michigan and then go up against the will of the People of the State of the Michigan.

I’m sick of their methods.  I’m tired of their tactics.  I’m sick and tired of their stubbornness and normative judgments.  Sick and tired.   And I can do something about it… trials, trials and more trials.  Its what I do . . . Its what I do well.

See ya court guys.  When we’re done cross examining some of these guys, they’ll need to visit a medical marihuana clinic because I’m going to be in a pain in their a@@.


5 responses to “Medical Marihuana Busts in Oakland County

  1. I cannot believe that there was a call for thee legislature to do something. This was a law voted for directly by the people, cannot believe this is happening. Wish you luck in court we need a series of resounding victories to put law enforcement in the position that they are wasting limited resources to prosecute legal activity.

    • Cliff,

      The “grandfathered” question is a terrific question and reveals another flaw with the Royal Oak ordinance. What’s grandfathered? The right to grow, grow new crops, the plants that you have, what if you have 12 plants and 2 die, are you entitled to replace those plants? There is no enforcement mechanism other than traditional law enforcement methods and those will almost certainly not be designed to protect your rights or interests. Regarding anonymity, I file these suits against the city anonymously and under a pseudonym. First, I have to verify, i.e., have a good faith belief, etc. taht you are a qualifying patient and a Royal Oak resident. Then if we are satisfied, we file the suit under a pseudonym to protect your identity and privacy.

  2. The state went though great pains to insure my anonymity while issuing my patient MMM card. This, I’m sure, to prevent me from overzealous prosecution, and persecution and insure my privacy, and protection from theft and other harm. How am I to prove to the city of Royal Oak my growing status, and be “grandfathered in” without giving up those safeguards the State has put in place.

  3. Well I just got word from Royal Oak , that they will get back to me in a week on what procedures to follow, this, i believe, will make me in violation as I go through their process, of which, I’m sure they don’t have yet. Crazy

    • my friend, two (2) things . . . why are you communicating with me via my clog which is not privileged. Your comments are sent to my individual blog. If you want to communicate with me, why not call my office or email me at my office? Second, an attorney-client relationship is wonderful thing to create and can protect you. No? Assuming that you would like me to fight for you in court one day, why not schedule an appointment? Last, no lawyer would advise you to call Royal Oak to find out whether they think that you’re following the law or breaking it. Think about it. . .


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