Battery Charging

I’ll write more about this after my experience ends but I NOW understand the meaning of going on vacation and “recharging the batteries”.  Contrary to my earlier thoughts, it does not mean going on vacation and resting.   It does not mean relaxing.  I never really understood it until now . . . on this trip, after a year battling the “powers the be” and experiencing what it means to be the top dog (all other dogs line up to challenge the top dog), I was beat.  I felt disconnected and distant.  A servant to my work and profession but a stranger in my home.  In the moment, while fighting out court cases, there is/was no way to end that cycle or trend.  This trip did that for me.

I spent every second with my children, wife and when they returned from their mini trip, my parents.  My family, the ROCKIND’s, spent time together.  Quality time.  Bonding time.

My batteries are re-charged.  I feel love, light and connected.  I feel plugged in.  Just what you do to charge your batteries.

Baruch Hashem.




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