When I was in my twenties, all I wanted to do was be a trial lawyer.  I spent my days and nights, thinking of ways to better my craft, my trade … what I considered my art form.  I studied it and thought about it.  I read about it.  It consumed me.  All that hard work paid off and I became one of the more recognized and accomplished trial lawyers around.

Fast forward several years to now and while I am still a trial lawyer and it still consumes me, I am a parent of three children:  two of whom are teenagers.  Where are the books, guides, journals and other materials that I can study to help me perfect this trade?  I am laughing out loud as I type this for I know the answer.  There are no guides and this craft, parenting, cannot be perfected.  I hope that I am doing a good job.



One response to “Parenting

  1. William "Bill" Shaw

    Please keep us informed as to your agenda and any way we might support you! Info. from the UP says Nina doing really well! We really are quite grateful to you and all you did to support her and us!
    We’ll never forget…!
    Bill and Dorothy Shaw

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