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During the 1960’s, we witnessed for the first time, citizens fighting back against government overreaching and unfairness. Neil Rockind was born on September 6, 1968, at the height of those tumultuous times in Detroit, Michigan. He received his education from Bloomfield Hills Andover High School (Class of 1986); the University of Michigan (Bachelor of General Studies, 1990); and, Wayne State University Law School (Juris Doctor, 1993).

Rockind is licensed to practice in both Michigan and New York. He is admitted to practice before the United States Court of Appeals for the 6th Circuit, the United States District Courts for the Eastern District of Michigan, Western District of Michigan and the Northern District of Ohio.   He has been admitted pro hac vice in state and federal courts across the country, for example,  in the United States District Court for the Eastern District of Virginia and the state courts in Arizona. He has worked with lawyers from various parts of the country and/or been involved in cases in other parts of the country.

Neil Rockind’s talents as a trial lawyer were honed during his tenure as an Assistant Prosecuting Attorney in the Oakland County Prosecutor’s Office, one of the most famous prosecutor’s offices in the country. Rockind was an assistant prosecutor from 1993 to 1997 and handled thousands of criminal cases, many of which resulted in jury trials. Due to both his record and his ferocity, Neil Rockind gained the moniker, “the Rockweiler.” His career as a prosecutor was chronicled in profile articles that appeared in several local newspapers, including the Detroit Free Press and the Oakland Press.

As a prosecutor, Neil Rockind quickly became a special prosecutor, the title given to prosecutors who were specifically assigned to handle the most complex and high profile cases. Rockind was the youngest prosecutor to attain this level. As a special prosecutor, he handled the most complex and high profile cases in the office, including but not limited to People v Kevorkian (the prosecution of famed assisted suicide advocate Jack Kevorkian), People v Horton (the prosecution of a pastor charged with taking clandestine videotapes of his parishioners in the bathrooms of his church) and People v Mayhew (a groundbreaking vehicular homicide case). Rockind also prosecuted many high level drug dealers, including one of the few cases resulting from an Oakland County Citizen’s Grand Jury indictment.

Neil Rockind joined a law firm in 1997 upon leaving the prosecutor’s office and quickly became a partner in that firm, something no one had done during the previous 20 years. He left that law firm in 2000. In private practice, Rockind has handled countless high profile cases. He was the legal commentator for WDIV (NBC) and had a recurring role on a legal news series for WJBK (Fox 2). He has appeared on or had his covered on/by WDIV (NBC), WXYZ (ABC), WJBK (Fox 2), WGPR (CBS), UPN 50, ABC News, NBC News, CBS News, Fox News, MSNBC, CNN, CNBC, COURT TV, 60 Minutes, PrimeTime Live, 48 Hours, Current Affair, WJR, WWJ, WXYT, America Free Radio, the Washington Post, New York Times, Detroit Free Press, Detroit News, the Oakland Press, Daily Tribune, Macomb Daily, Grosse Pointe News and every major news periodical across the country.

Neil Rockind has represented clients in matters ranging from drunk driving to complex federal cases. He has represented lead defendants in cases involving no notoriety whatsoever and others, such as the infamous Basketbrawl (Piston v Pacer) assault case (in which he obtained the only dismissal) and the investigation into noted attorney Geoffrey Nels Fieger, that have garnered national media attention.

Neil Rockind is/has been a member of the Michigan State Bar, New York State Bar, National Association of Criminal Defense Lawyers, Criminal Defense Attorneys of Michigan, Michigan Trial Lawyers Association, American Bar Association, American Association for Justice, National College of District Attorneys (past member) and Prosecuting Attorneys Association of Michigan (past member). He is a member of the Criminal Defense section of the State Bar of Michigan. He is also on the Regional Advisory Board of the Anti Defamation League and on the Board of Directors for the Friends of the Israeli Defense Force – Michigan Chapter.

He was recently named one of Michigan’s Mover’s and Shakers by 944 Magazine and profiled in the October, 2009 Edition of the magazine.  He was also selected as one of Michigan’s SuperLaywers for 2009, an honor bestowed upon only 5% of the lawyers practicing in the state.  He has lectured to lawyers, police officers and citizens regarding current issues in law.

Neil Rockind is a criminal defense trial lawyer.   Neil Rockind has an office in Southfield, Michigan.  He is licensed to practice in both Michigan and New York.  He is regarded by some as one of the most skilled and talented courtroom lawyers of his era.  Neil Rockind is a former radio talk show host who is also frequently called on to comment on the issues of the day.


4 responses to “About Neil

  1. Neil,
    I’m confused as to one part of the Act. Maybe you can help me clarify this part. The act defines “primary caregiver” as a person who is at least 21 years old and who has agreed to assist with a patient’s medical use of marihuana and who has never been convicted of a felony involving illegal drugs. Here is my questions. If I have been convicted of a felony involving illegal drugs and I was put on a 74.11 and successfully completed it can I grow my own medical marihuana for my own use? I have not interest in assisting a patient or patients. I only want to grow for my own use. Can I do that with this conviction on my record or is it even on my record because of the 74.11? I do have a medical marihuana card.

    • Jeff, I hope that you have had your question answered by now. However, if you haven’t and you wish to speak more, please feel free to contact me. I can be reached at 248.208.3800.

  2. Neil,
    I was the first speaker of the evening and left shortly there after so I didn’t get to see you there.
    I told the city at the first reading and reminded them tonight that if they pass an ordinance limiting my rights as a patient I would sue.
    I would love to get together with you and shoot the shit.
    I have been one of the better known activists here in the state as I have organized the Ann Arbor HASH BASH for the last 20 years, this April 2nd will be the 40th Annual event.

    I was happy to see you were in our trenches and can toss you some business as I get 5-10 calls a day as a consultant and people are always looking for lawyers.

    Feel free to email me back or call me at 313-999-0329


    • Adam,

      Thank you for reaching out to me. I am honored that you did. You are to be commended for speaking out at the City Council meeting. If G!d forbid something happens adverse to your rights as a patient, I will be there for you . . . no doubt. I will call you in the morning either way.

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