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Gerald Rochkind, my Bubie — In Memoriam 20 years

In Yiddush, the language spoken by generations of Jews, of which I am proud to say I am, the word for grandmother is “Bubie” or “Bubbie” (phonetically, “Boo – Bee” or “Bubb – ee”).  My children call my mom “Bubie”.   My father refers to my mother as nothing else now that they have grandchildren.  For the word means something more…I called my father’s mother, “Bubie”.   Geraldine King Rochkind, of blessed memory, died 20 years ago this weekend.  She is my Bubie.  The feelings of remorse and regret, the ones that try to swallow away, fill my throat.  I keep trying to swallow them down and away…it doesn’t work.  My father says that I was the last person that she spoke to before she died.  20 years  – – she has missed much.  We have missed her more.

Rest in peace, Bubie . . . you’d be proud to see how well your little family has done.



Battery Charging

I’ll write more about this after my experience ends but I NOW understand the meaning of going on vacation and “recharging the batteries”.  Contrary to my earlier thoughts, it does not mean going on vacation and resting.   It does not mean relaxing.  I never really understood it until now . . . on this trip, after a year battling the “powers the be” and experiencing what it means to be the top dog (all other dogs line up to challenge the top dog), I was beat.  I felt disconnected and distant.  A servant to my work and profession but a stranger in my home.  In the moment, while fighting out court cases, there is/was no way to end that cycle or trend.  This trip did that for me.

I spent every second with my children, wife and when they returned from their mini trip, my parents.  My family, the ROCKIND’s, spent time together.  Quality time.  Bonding time.

My batteries are re-charged.  I feel love, light and connected.  I feel plugged in.  Just what you do to charge your batteries.

Baruch Hashem.



Limit Salt in Foods!

Those who know me well know that I am a “healthy” eater.  Vegan, vegetable based, no oil, no milk, no dairy, organic (whenever available and possible), no sugar, whole grain, sprouted grain, raw and natural . . . going to a restaurant with me or being around me while ordering food is, well . . . challenging.  In particular, I ask alot of questions.  Not just about whether food contains animal by-products but also whether it contains any added salt.  I pay attention to the sodium or salt contents of my food.  So, on one hand, I was pleased to see that there was movement towards limiting the salt added to foods, etc.  Of all the needless government intervention and oversight and regulation, the bean counters paying attention to things that make the government bigger that maybe just maybe they were going to start counting something that made us “bigger” and that without it, we’d be more fit and in better shape — less salt/sodium.  Of course, there must be those who favor added salt to foods and don’t want to limit the amount of salt that is added to our foods — they’d rather have foods that are so loaded with sodium, salt and MSG, that our nation is experiencing increased rates of renal failure, heart disease, high blood pressure and obesity.  Not me . . . limit the salt in foods.    Why the News has an article or piece suggesting the opposite, i.e., that we “table” the push to limit salt in the foods that we serve to our families and put into our bodies is beyond me?

There are two things in nature that are rare:  sugar and salt.  Our bodies crave them because they are so rare in the wild/nature.  We are meant to live a long time without those elements in our diet but now, sugar, sweeteners and salt/sodium are the dominant features and ingredients in the foods sold in grocery stores.

We ought to limit salt in foods.  We ought to limit the amount of salt in our food on our tables not table the push to limit the salt in our foods.

Table the push to limit salt in foods | | The Detroit News.

The Catch

The last inning began with the home team ahead 8-2.  The game hadn’t been close until this inning . . . the visitors, the “Orioles”, hit their way on base batter after batter.  The infielders of the home team, “Cubs”, were not at their best — fatigue, nerves, what have you . . . you could see it.  Momentum was spinning grounders and causing balls to hop over our infielders gloves.  8-3.  8-4.  8-5.  The Orioles were catching up.  They had runners on base.  A ball gets loose into the outfield.  A runner scores.  8-6.  2 runners on base.  The winning run at the plate.  The first batter strikes out.  The second grounds to first.  The runners advance.  The tying run is on 2nd and a runner on 3rd.  2 outs.  Runners are told when there are 2 outs to run on any contact.

The batter fouls one off.  The batter swings and misses.  The batter fouls one off.  2 strikes.  2 out.  The catcher crouches down.  Glove up.  The pitch.  The batter tips the ball but . . . the catcher, alert, catches the ball.  Game Over — 3rd Strike, Foul Tip, caught by the catcher.  The game winning catch.  The Catch.

The catcher was my son, Harley.  It was an amazing moment for a parent, for me.  It was even more amazing to watch him.  His teammates acknowledging him.  Yelling his name.  His smile beaming . . . wide.  Happy.  I was happy for him.

I didn’t grow up playing baseball besides in the street.  I never fell in love with the game.  But . . . I can see how men, young and grown, have and continue to do so.  The Catch.

Girls Best Friend Charm Bracelets Recalled!

This sort of stuff really pisses me off.  At some point, we have turned to corporations, both foreign and domestic, to produce safe products for our children. When did this happen?  When did it become unsafe to purchase a toy, charm or others from a store?  When did going to a store for a “charm bracelet” for my daughter become a game of Russian Roulette?  How would a parent know that what he/she is purchasing for her daughter or kids is unsafe?  The bracelets weren’t being sold in some swap or seedy street market . . . they were being sold at major stores, the mall and according to some news stories, at stores like Claire’s.

Ironically, just the other day my daughter asked me to get one for her and a friend. I didn’t purchase one though.  Not because I knew the products potential for danger or had advance warning of the recall but because we didn’t have time — we were in a hurry.  I was lucky this time . . . but luck can only account for so much. I guess we’ll have to walk around the mall or other places with chemical reagent test kits and surgical gloves to ensure their safety.  I guess . . .

Holocaust survivor reconnects with GI | | The Detroit News

Holocaust survivor reconnects with GI | | The Detroit News.

A Sign of the Apocalypse — Recall of Kids’ Medicine

This is very upsetting.  No offense, but this is what happens when we let corporations and their representatives run the world.  We get drugs for our children, recommended to us by our pediatricians and doctors, that turn out to be unsafe.  Profits over People . . .

Recall of Kids’ Tylenol, Motrin, Zyrtec, Benadryl.