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When I was in my twenties, all I wanted to do was be a trial lawyer.  I spent my days and nights, thinking of ways to better my craft, my trade … what I considered my art form.  I studied it and thought about it.  I read about it.  It consumed me.  All that hard work paid off and I became one of the more recognized and accomplished trial lawyers around.

Fast forward several years to now and while I am still a trial lawyer and it still consumes me, I am a parent of three children:  two of whom are teenagers.  Where are the books, guides, journals and other materials that I can study to help me perfect this trade?  I am laughing out loud as I type this for I know the answer.  There are no guides and this craft, parenting, cannot be perfected.  I hope that I am doing a good job.


nice words…

A client recently said this to me–

“You are my trump card Neil! No one can beat you once you get going. I have faith in you & I am not worried. You are the best! There is no one better!”

I am honored to receive such praise.  I look forward to my upcoming battle on behalf of this client.  Trial is on the horizon and I will be ready . . .

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Contraband discovered in Detroit hit man’s cell

I was in court recently defending a woman accused of giving contraband to a prisoner.  There was/is NO proof offered during the hearing that she did so . . . however the prisoner was discovered to have had “contraband” on his person after the visit.   The state kept attempting to argue that prisoners aren’t allowed to possess certain items and that there are policies in place to prevent that.  When I questioned the police officers, they had to agree that sometimes prisoners get ahold of contraband . . . sometimes they get them from other inmates and other resources.  Recently, a hit man was discovered to be in possession of “contraband”.    You can read the article below . . . if this guy can get his hands on contraband and it not be found for sometime, than anyone can.  It didn’t have to come from an outside source or my client. 

via Contraband discovered in Detroit hit man’s cell | | The Detroit News.

If you or a loved one have been charged with possession of a drug or contraband, or of delivering a drug or contraband, please contact us at or at 248.208.3800 to learn more about how and whether we can help.

Brothers robbed at Red Coat Tavern in Royal Oak

I don’t eat red meat.  I’m a vegan.  But I haven’t always been devoted to being a vegan.  Once, many moons ago, I ate red meat and when I did, my favorite food was a hamburger.  And the best burger?  Red Coat Tavern in Royal Oak.  Others apparently feel the same, going to the restaurant until the wee hours of the night/morning.  Sadly, two brothers, as reported by The Oakland Press, were robbed in front of the Red Coat recently.  Read the story here . . . if you or a family member are charged with a crime including a robbery, contact my office at 248.208.3800 or email my firm at  You can also learn more about us at

Brothers robbed at Red Coat Tavern in Royal Oak – The Oakland Press News: The best place for news in and around Oakland County.

Westland Says No Medical Marijuana Businesses

The city of westland passed an ordinance prohibiting medical marihuana/marijuana dispensaries and businesses.   What do you think?

City: No Medical Marijuana Businesses – Local News – Detroit, MI – –

Case Dismissed- Not Guilty Again!

Yep…read it weep. We did it again!

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